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Hospice volunteers are people who are neither professionals nor relatives and friends but are willing to extend help and support to patients and loved ones under hospice care. Since they do not have the emotional attachment to the family, they can be a strong support by which the families and the medical team can count on to bridge whatever gap that may arise since they can remain strong and undaunted during the most difficult times.

As volunteers, they make a difference in other people’s lives by being strong and dependable to attend to the needs of patients and families especially when the end is nearing. But at the same time, they are compassionate to listen to them without judgement and bias. They come to the homes and facilities as scheduled of them but they are flexible enough to come when sudden need arises. They work with the medical team to provide the best service for the patients assigned to them.


To provide hospice services that are designed to provide pallative care, alleviate the physical, emotional, social and spiritual discomforts of an individual who is experiencing the last phase of life due to existence of terminal disease and provide supportive care to the primary care to the primary caregiver and the family of the patients.